A Sponsorship That Aims To End Child Hunger

27 February 2023
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A child hunger sponsorship program provides needy families with food essentials, clean drinking water, and educational resources. Your role as a sponsor can help end child hunger in a particular region. A Sponsorship A sponsorship is a relationship between a benefactor and a beneficiary. A child hunger sponsorship matches each donor with a child. Humanitarian groups that orchestrate sponsorship programs may seek donations that will improve the living conditions of a group of poverty-stricken citizens. Read More 

How Can Refugee Assistance Nonprofits Help?

12 September 2022
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People rely on their homes as places of sanctuary. Unfortunately, national and global crises can cause a person's home to become unsafe. In these situations, people must sometimes flee their countries as refugees to avoid violence and persecution. When refugees arrive in the United States, they often lack the resources and knowledge needed to navigate their new environment. Refugee assistance groups strive to bridge the gap and help refugees restart their lives. Read More 

Housing Assistance That Is Offered Through a Nonprofit Agency

20 April 2022
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Many counties offer struggling homeowners or homeless individuals housing assistance services. Services include financial counseling and monetary contributions. If you would like to determine if you qualify for aid, review some local campaigns and furnish the documents necessary to process an assistance application. Local Nonprofits A community action agency is a private or public nonprofit that provides assistance to impoverished individuals. A local directory is a publication that provides a listing of charities and nonprofits that provide targeted help to citizens who are experiencing financial difficulties. Read More 

How Donating To Build Schools In Cambodia Benefits Communities

28 January 2022
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Did you know that donating to build schools in Cambodia can provide many more benefits than just a basic education for the children? Here are four different ways that your donations can help benefit the communities throughout Cambodia: Protect Girls From Human Trafficking Helping organizations build schools in Cambodia through donations can help to keep young girls out of harm's way when it comes to human trafficking. Schools can teach girls how to protect themselves when they are in vulnerable areas and situations. Read More 

How To Donate Your Car To Charity

23 July 2021
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Car donations are a great way for you to make a difference when you want to help fund a non-profit but cash is tight. From gently used rides to clunkers on their last legs, the ride you no longer care about can be the ride of a not-for-profit's dreams. Car donation basics Donating a car to charity is a relatively easy process if you have a clear title. In most states, signing the title over to the charity is enough to seal the deal and transfer ownership. Read More