Housing Assistance That Is Offered Through a Nonprofit Agency

20 April 2022
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Many counties offer struggling homeowners or homeless individuals housing assistance services. Services include financial counseling and monetary contributions. If you would like to determine if you qualify for aid, review some local campaigns and furnish the documents necessary to process an assistance application.

Local Nonprofits

A community action agency is a private or public nonprofit that provides assistance to impoverished individuals. A local directory is a publication that provides a listing of charities and nonprofits that provide targeted help to citizens who are experiencing financial difficulties. Research some local nonprofits to determine what type of services are offered, and to acquire details about the criteria that are requested of an applicant. 

The financial requirements — including the wage guidelines that a person must fit into and the dwelling type that a person must currently reside in or be seeking as their future residence — will be given to you through the criteria that a nonprofit agency provides.


Funding that a nonprofit provides to an applicant will likely be based on the monetary donations that a nonprofit has received. There may be other contributing factors that may influence whether someone receives full or partial funding for their housing needs. For instance, someone who is several months behind on their mortgage and who does not make much money through their job may qualify for a lot more money than someone with a lower mortgage bill and a higher paycheck.

Your county may or may not allow an applicant to sign up for more than one housing program. A program may require an individual to participate in one or more counseling sessions. These sessions may need to be completed prior to being eligible for funding. Before you fill out an application, familiarize yourself with the obligations that you will be required to uphold. Make sure that you are comfortable with any policies that a nonprofit follows.

Then, contact a nonprofit agency and request to make an appointment with a customer representative of the business. You may need to bring in your pay stubs, a copy of your electric bill, a copy of your water bill, and banking information. Some nonprofits may only provide financial relief to those who are currently homeless or who are at risk of becoming homeless. After you speak to a customer representative in person, you may need to fill out some documents that are part of an application. Applications may be reviewed onsite or at a later date.

For more information, look to a service such as Family Care Housing Development.