How Donating To Build Schools In Cambodia Benefits Communities

28 January 2022
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Did you know that donating to build schools in Cambodia can provide many more benefits than just a basic education for the children? Here are four different ways that your donations can help benefit the communities throughout Cambodia:

Protect Girls From Human Trafficking

Helping organizations build schools in Cambodia through donations can help to keep young girls out of harm's way when it comes to human trafficking. Schools can teach girls how to protect themselves when they are in vulnerable areas and situations. The girls learn tools that can be used to contact a safe person when they feel in danger and learn what signs of danger to look for so that they can avoid or get out of those situations. Schools also give girls a safe place to be where adults are there to protect them from would-be traffickers while their parents are working and can't be there to protect them.

Fight Child Hunger Problems

Donating to build schools in Cambodia is a great way to help fight child hunger throughout the country. When children go to school, they are provided with healthy meals to keep them nourished throughout the day. Some children would be lucky to get even one meal during the day at home, so school lunches can mean the difference between starvation and adequate food intake. With the help of donations, some schools can even offer after-school programs that provide activities and snacks so that kids do not go home hungry.

Lift Communities Out of Poverty

Schools in Cambodia can help to lift communities out of poverty in a couple of different ways. First, schools provide children with critical skills that can be used to access new opportunities outside of their communities, which will allow them to make money and bring that money back to their communities. Another way schools help lift communities out of poverty is by providing jobs to community members so that they can better support their families.

Protect Residents From Natural Disasters

Schools in Cambodia can also help to protect residents from the dangers of natural disasters. If a hurricane or tornado is supposed to come through a community, the residents could take shelter at the local schools that are sturdier and more protective than the local homes are. This can help save many lives as time goes on and provide some extra peace of mind to everyone who lives in the vicinity of the school.