Getting Money For An Old Junked Vehicle

27 July 2016
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If you have an older vehicle that does not run sitting on your property, and you do not wish to keep it any longer, you have most likely wondered how to remove it without having to pay to do so. There are several ways one can get an old junked vehicle removed and actually get money in return instead of paying for it to be hauled away. Here are some ways to get rid of a vehicular eyesore and gain some spending money as a result.

Call An Auto Salvage Yard

An auto recycling center or salvage yard will weigh your vehicle and pay you an amount dependent on this number. If you are unable to drive your vehicle to one of these facilities, they may have towing service available. Many of these businesses will pick up the vehicle and give you cash for its removal on the spot. The amount you receive may be a bit less than if you drove the vehicle to the facility if the service has a towing charge. Some auto salvage yards do not require you have a title for the vehicle, but it is best to call and ask beforehand so you do not get charged for a tow without having the vehicle leave your property.

Locate A Car Donation Service

Donating a vehicle to charity is a wonderful way to give a contribution to a cause you wish to assist. There are several reputable donation services available, each with their own set of rules regarding the vehicle they accept. Many charities, however, will send a tow truck take away a vehicle that does not run and will bring it to an auto recycling service themselves to receive compensation for it.

You will receive a tax form to fill out signifying how much you believe the vehicle is worth. This can be filed with your Federal income taxes in exchange for a tax deduction. The deduction will then reduce the amount of taxes you owe or will increase the amount you get back. Many car donation services have websites online available to browse, making it an easy way to get the equivalent of cash without having to leave your home to do so.

Turn To Social Media

Consider joining social media groups for selling used vehicles. Although your vehicle does not run, there is bound to be someone with a similar vehicle in need of parts to make repairs to their own. Make sure you take clear photographs of the vehicle to post on these sites to attract potential buyers. When writing your advertisement, be sure to mention the vehicle will need to be towed away at the buyer's expense.