3 Ways That You Can Help The Homeless

22 February 2016
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Because homelessness is a serious issue in the United States, you may feel compelled to figure out what you can contribute to help combat this problem. With this in mind, read on and take advantage of some of these points below, which will let you know how exactly you can assist homeless shelters and the overall homeless problem in your particular area. 

#1: Give Away Your Recyclable Bottles, Cans And Paper

If you live in a municipality that allows and promotes area wide recycling, you will typically find that homeless people are among the most active participants. The reason for this is that you can get paid for turning in recyclable material, so homeless people can make some money to support themselves by collecting these recyclables. So rather than taking them in yourself, you may be helping someone out a great deal if you give it to the homeless. One way to find out is to touch base with a homeless shelter to see if they offer this program. You'll receive the peace of mind of knowing that you are helping both the environment and a fellow human being. 

#2: Provide A Homeless Shelter Your Gently Used Items

When you need to be sure that you are helping out shelters and the homeless people alike, make one of these centers the go-to destination for your gently used items before you get rid of them. These gently used clothing, tools, toys and other belongings will find a much better home in a homeless shelter than in a landfill or even a yard sale. You may even be able to receive a tax deduction for the value of the items that you gave away to a homeless shelter. 

#3: Give Of Your Time

Time is the most valuable thing that you have, because it is the one thing that can never be replaced or gained back. So by giving your time to volunteer at a homeless shelter, you are giving your highest sacrifice. Think of an issue that you are passionate about and see what options are available at your local homeless shelter. For instance, one person might want to read to elderly or young homeless people, while another person may want to prepare the meals. Even if you only have one day every month to give, this gift and experience will be invaluable. 

Consider these three guidelines, in order to begin helping the homeless where you live. You can also contact a shelter, like Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities or another location, to find more ways to help.