4 Tips For Crowdfunding Your Nonprofit

17 September 2015
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If you are looking to start a nonprofit, it is going to take some money to get started. One great option for earning the money is through crowdfunding. This is a type of fundraiser that accepts donations from multiple people, usually online. Here are some tips for crowdfunding your nonprofit.

Leverage Social Media

One of the best things you can do when crowdfunding for a nonprofit organization is use social media. Social media is a great tool because it offers free or low-cost advertising of the crowdfunding fundraiser and helps reach a wide audience. Simply by sharing your fundraising campaign on your own social media network, you not only get the attention of your own followers, but you can get it shared. If enough people share your video or webiste, it is soon seen by thousands of people or more. Post advertisements and media across different social media networks to reach the most people.

Research Their Payment Processing

As you research a different crowdfunding platform for US nonprofits to decide which one will work best for your fundraiser, consider the payment processor they use. If someone is trying to donate and they have difficulty using the payment processing program, they won't make a donation. If a site uses a program that isn't user friendly or doesn't accept certain types of credit cards, it is going to severely limit how many donations you actually get. Get a feel for each payment processing program and let that guide you toward the right site.

Offer Something to People Donating

Some crowdfunding sites will let you choose prizes or rewards for people who are donating. Some are based on a certain donation amount. For example, you can give a gift card or high-priced item to someone who donates a high amount to your fundraiser. While it may seem like you lose money, this often entices people to give since they get something back. You can also increase donations by offering a gift card to someone who shares the fundraiser a certain number of times on their own social media, or work out a referral program.

Consider the Extra Fees Charged

You will find that many crowdfunding sites charge a fee or percentage of the amount donated, so keep that in mind. When you decide how much your goal will be, factor in those fees. If they keep a percentage of all donations, then you know you need to increase the goal amount by that percentage in order to get the funds you need for your nonprofit.