How To Donate Your Car To Charity

23 July 2021
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Car donations are a great way for you to make a difference when you want to help fund a non-profit but cash is tight. From gently used rides to clunkers on their last legs, the ride you no longer care about can be the ride of a not-for-profit's dreams. Car donation basics Donating a car to charity is a relatively easy process if you have a clear title. In most states, signing the title over to the charity is enough to seal the deal and transfer ownership. Read More 

Why Sign Your Child Up For Child-Based Community Service?

26 March 2021
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Community is an important concept for people of all ages. It refers to the connections between people living and working in an area. Strong communities can fight the effects of crime and poverty in their neighborhoods, and community service is one way to strengthen your community. It's never too early to get your kids involved in community service. Child-based community service offers volunteer opportunities for young people. Signing your children up for community service for kids can accomplish the following things. Read More